Self-Service Micro Markets

With a sleek, beautiful design and frozen and fresh product options, your customers and employees will be more inclined to hang around and or avoid leaving the workplace for lunch. This makes life easier for you, your customers, and employees. 

Vending Source invests in the latest technology in the vending industry, including cashless systems, inventory monitoring, and GPS monitoring on all of our trucks. We can see live inventory, optimize your merchandise, view security cameras, and increase customer satisfaction via customer requests, concerns or suggestions submitted to us through the Micro Market Kiosk.


Vending Source Micro Market

More Snack, Drink, & Fresh Healthy Options

From frozen meals to soups and sandwiches and everything in between, micro markets bring the convenience store experience to the workplace.


With more room and without the constraint of a vending machine, the micro market serves as convenience store available to store products hot and cold, no matter the size.

From healthy options like full-sized salads, sandwiches, yogurt, oatmeal, soup, and healthy nut bars to frozen meals, pizzas, burritos, burgers, and breakfast sandwiches, your options are endless.


We have technology you can trust.



With GPS Tracking Systems on our trucks & live, real-time updates on your inventory, Vending Source has streamlined our processes making us quicker & more efficient.

In our Micro Markets, we have the most powerful kiosk in the vending industry. Our vending tech is not only advanced, but keeps your payment information safe and secure.

This 21" Touch Screen is backed by a fingerprint reader, barcode scanner, cashless payment acceptor, built-in webcam and AN optional RFID reader. It even takes cash!

texas micro market

Treat your business with the ease of a self-service micro market today!

It's all about the Micro Market! Vending Source serves DFW and surrounding North Texas areas! 

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